» everything is possible you just have to follow your dreams...«

Tancredi De Aguilar Milanese was born in 1970 in Valencia. From Italian mother who was a teacher of philosophy and history from Roma and from Egyptian father sculptor and painter from El Cairo. This gave him a strong genetic mixture and his talent for all kind of arts. He grew up in Madrid and in his early school years his mother realized Tancredi´s difficulty to adapt to conservative and regular education. At the age of 14 he was sent to Art School, as a result of his dislexia his mother was the one to encourage him to start his artistic journey and the development of his incredible talent therefore began.


During this period he started devolping different techniques such as; sculpturing, painting and sketching which made him build a stroung foundation in order to become the Artist he is today. At this satge he allready had a very clear idea of what he wanted to become career wise and worked very hard in order to accomplish this goal.


After studying in I.E.D. Milano in Italy he began his first job in Centro Stile Fiat as a Car Designer in Torino in 1995. It was here where he experienced for the first time  the world of big car industries and his first experiences of being a car designer.


Moving on through the years he worked for different car brands, travelled a lot, and grew as an individual. One of his biggest professional steps was from 2011-2016 when he was given the position in VW Concern as the Chief Designer in Braunschweig Studio. This was a great opportunity for him as he worked with an amazing and very capable team, creating amazing cars- such as the Lamborgini Egoista and New Bugatti Type 35D.


After speding some years abroad he felt the urge to go back home this being Spain. Therefore when the opportunity came  he decided to move with his family back to his home country. Since then his desire to go for the next step in life, to fullfill another dream has become bigger.


Through his talent he wants to be able to live all aspects of what art may represent . At this stage in his life he feels ready to accomplish his next goal.


His Art and Design work may inspire others to believe in themselves and follow their dreams....


You don`t need to work much, but when you work, do it with love.!


C u r i c u l u m

Tancredi has been working for 28 years in big companies  here is a short summary for you, starting with the most recent company and position:


Currently EDAG DESIGN_Barcelona            Chief Designer

VW Conzern_Braunschweig Studio            Chief Designer

Volkswagen Design_Wolfsburg      Senior Exterior Design

VOLVO_Göteborg/Barcelona          Senior Exterior Design

D.C.E_Sitges                          Interior/Exterior Design

Centro Stile Fiat_Torino           Interior/Exterior Design

H i g h l i g h t s

One of his biggest personal accomplishments was the creation of  the Lamborghini Egoista and New Bugatti Type35D with the Team in Braunschweig Studio..!